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AAEVT's Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians, 2E



EditorSally DeNotta / Martha Mallicote / Sheri Miller / Deborah Reeder

価格:12,540円 (本体 11,400円+税) 送料サービス

・Release: 2022

・ISBN: 9781119678380

・560 Pages

・Trim Size: 177.8 X 25.4 X 254 ・Paperback


AAEVT’s Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians
Practical handbook on all aspects of veterinary care in horses relevant to veterinary technicians

AAEVT’s Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians, Second Edition offers a compendium of information on the care and treatment of horses for equine veterinary technicians, building on the basics of equine care to provide a complete reference for equine nursing skills, training, and technical information. The text is specifically geared toward those who already have basic equine knowledge and training and are looking to build upon their foundations.

Comprehensive yet accessible, the new edition updates all medical, procedural, pharmaceutical, equipment, staffing, and office management information. Images also appear in full color throughout the book for the first time.

Chapters cover a variety of topics ranging from general horse management and nutrition to diagnostics and medical emergencies. Charts, tables, and images support the text to aid in reader comprehension.

Sample topics covered in AAEVT’s Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians include:

  • General horse management, equine nutrition, applied anatomy and physiology, equine reproduction, and equine wellness programs
  • Foal care, equine pharmacology, laboratory diagnosis in equine practice, equine anesthesia, surgical assistance, and nursing care
  • Technical procedures, diagnostic procedures, common equine medical emergencies, equine physical rehabilitation, equine behavior, and equine office procedures
  • An overall explanation of procedures and medical information regarding the care of horses in a clinic or ambulatory practice

Highly accessible and easy to use, AAEVT’s Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians, Second Edition is an invaluable reference for qualified equine veterinary technicians and assistants—particularly those earning their equine certification—as well as vet tech students and equine practices.

Table of contents

Preface, 2nd Edition vii

Preface, 1st Edition ix

Acknowledgments, 2nd Edition xi

Acknowledgments, 1st Edition xiii

List of Contributors xv

Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations xvii

1 General Horse Management 1
Martha Mallicote

2 Equine Nutrition 12
Mary Beth Gordon, J. Kathleen Young, Karen Davison, Kelly Vineyard and Randall Raub

3 Applied Anatomy and Physiology 56
Amanda M. House, Kira Epstein, Laura Riggs and Kelsey A. Hart

4 Equine Reproduction 110
Audrey A. Kelleman

5 Equine Wellness Programs 151
Sally DeNotta

6 Foal Care 174
Bonnie S. Barr, Laura Javsicas, Tanya M. Balaam-Morgan and Jamie DeFazio Guiberson

7 Equine Pharmacology 198
Jennifer L. Davis and Nicole Bone Reybuck

8 Laboratory Diagnosis in Equine Practice 226
Maggie Nolin

9 Equine Anesthesia 266
Luisito S. Pablo

10 Surgical Assistance 305
Elizabeth Hinton and Stevie Badger Willett

11 Nursing Care 324
Bonnie Barr, Jamie DeFazio Guiberson, Laura Javsicas and Andrea Whittle

12 Technical Procedures 365
Andrea Whittle and Stevie Badger Willett

13 Diagnostic Procedures 387
Elizabeth Elzer, Sheri Miller and Nicole LaGrange

14 Common Equine Medical Emergencies 428
Michael Porter

15 Equine Physical Rehabilitation 447
Courtney Ziegler, Kari Farley, Nicole LaGrange, Kimberly Trolinger-Meadows and Alison Morton

16 Equine Behavior 465
Carissa Wickens, Gemma Pearson and Jamie DeFazio Guiberson

17 Equine Office Procedures 477
Deborah Reeder and Tracy Sheffield

Index 491