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Alternatives to Opioid Analgesia in Small Animal Anesthesia, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice



EditorCiara A Barr / Giacomo Gianotti

価格:15,620円 (本体 14,200円+税) 送料サービス

・Release: 2019

・ISBN: 9780323641418

・250 Pages

・Trim Size: 240 X 164 X 18

This issue of Veterinary Clinics: Small Animal Practice, edited by Dr. Ciara Barr and Dr. Giacomo Gianotti, focuses on Alternatives to Opioid Analgesia in Small Animal Anesthesia. Topics include: Immunomodulatory Effects of Opioids in Cancer Patients; NSAIDs; Alpha-2 Agonists; Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine; Loco-regional Anesthesia of the Head; Loco-regional Anesthesia of the Front Limbs and Thorax; Loco-Regional Anesthesia of the Hind Limbs; Epidural and Spinal Anesthesia; Local Anesthesics (Nocita); Adjuvants to Analgesia; and Physical Therapy.