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Diseases of The Goat, 4E



AuthorJohn G. Matthews

価格:12,210円 (本体 11,100円+税) 送料サービス

・Release: 2016

・ISBN: 9781119073512

・424 Pages

・Trim Size: 190 X 20 X 246

Diseases of the Goat, 4th Edition, is a revised and updated edition of the popular tool for veterinarians featuring of all aspects of goat medicine—from initial assessment and examination to diagnosis, treatment, and control of conditions. This highly practical, concise handbook is designed for frequent reference, and is suitable for all those treating and keeping goats.

  • ・Provides information on to predators, euthanasia, post-mortem technique, and fracture repair
  • ・Includes expanded coverage of a number of topics to appeal to a wider and more international audience especially in relation to poisonous plants
  • ・Incorporates the impact of new developments in goat diseases, such as the geographical spread of exotic diseases into new regions