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Clostridial Diseases of Animals



EditorFrancisco A. Uzal / J. Glenn Songer / John F. Prescott / Michel R. Popoff

価格:26,290円 (本体 23,900円+税) 送料サービス

・Release: 2016

・ISBN: 9781118728406

・360 Pages

・Trim Size: 178 X 20 X 251

Clostridial Diseases of Animals is the first book to focus on clostridial diseases in domestic and wild animals, offering a comprehensive reference on these common diseases.

  • ・Provides a single resource for all aspects of clostridial diseases
  • ・Presents current, comprehensive information with a focus on clinical relevance
  • ・Covers each disease in depth, including etiology, epidemiology, clinics, gross pathology, histopathology, diagnostics, diagnostic criteria, prophylaxis, control, and treatment
  • ・Written by the world-leading experts in the field of clostridial diseases in animals
  • ・Offers photographs and summary tables to support the concepts discussed in the text and aid in recognition