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Handbook of Small Animal Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia Techniques



AuthorPhillip Lerche / Turi Aarnes / Gwen Covey-Crump / Fernando Martinez Taboada

価格:11,110円 (本体 10,100円+税) 送料サービス

・Release: 2016

・ISBN: 9781118741825

・104 Pages

・Trim Size: 15 X 13 X 216,Spiral-bound paperback

This is a concise visual guide to the major techniques of regional anesthesia and analgesia for small animal practitioners, with complete coverage of the relevant physics, physiology, and pharmacology.

  • ・Provides straightforward advice and easy-to-implement strategies for general veterinary practitioners without specialist training who want to incorporate regional anesthesia into their practice
  • ・Features an accessible design with plenty of diagrams and photos and a convenient and robust spiral-bound format that lays flat for use during procedures
  • ・Broken into sections which explain techniques by limb or body part and by species
  • ・Details important anatomy (nerves, bones, and vessels), as well as possible side effects and complications