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■OIEのRAWSニュースレター 馬のウェルフェアの状況を発信

2020-09-04 15:16 | 前の記事 | 次の記事

RAWS-NEWS Equine Editionロゴ

国際獣疫事務局はRAWS-NEWS (Regional Animal Welfare Strategy Newsletter) Equine EditionのAugust 2020号を発行した(https://rr-asia.oie.int/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/rawsnewsletter-august2020.pdf)。


  1. Introduction
  2. OIE Member stories
    • Feature:Thailand’s experience with AHS and impact on the welfare of animals
    • Australia:Equine influenza outbreak response 2007/2008 in Australia
    • China:Introduction to Chinese horse industry
    • Indonesia:Local horses in Indonesia and animal welfare implementation
    • Mongolia:Mongolian horse
    • New Zealand:Animal welfare in New Zealand -Thoroughbreds
  3. Stories from partners
    • International Coalition for Working Equids
      • A. ICWE & OIE
      • B. Community led tetanus toxoid vaccination of working equids - Brooke India
      • C. African horse sickness in Ethiopia: a short update
    • International Horse Sport Confederation
      • Overview of the movement of competition horses in the Asia-Pacific Region